An Introduction to the Law of Contract

Students learn the fundamentals of contract law by taking this course, beginning with a consideration of how law pervades every aspect of life. The final lesson is dedicated specifically to what happens when a contract is breached.

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An Introduction to the Law of Contract


Course Overview

The law of contract pervades many aspects of daily life, from purchasing groceries to chartering a yacht. With such a wide ambit, it is an essential focus for all law students and also the general legal enthusiast more broadly. This course provides students with a robust understanding of the fundamentals of contract law, alongside an opportunity to develop critical reasoning skills. The programme will begin with an outline of the essential elements that comprise a legally enforceable contract under the law of England and Wales, before touching on aspects of misrepresentation and duress. Finally, the course will draw to a close with the consequences of a breach of contract.

Course Content


9 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

The 'Offer' and How This is Distinguished From an 'Invitation to Treat'

60 minutes

Lesson 2

Responding to an Offer By Way of 'Acceptance'

60 minutes

Lesson 3

Certainty and the Intention to Create Legal Relations

60 minutes

Lesson 4


60 minutes

Lesson 5

Duress and Misrepresentation I

60 minutes

Lesson 6

Misrepresentation II

60 minutes

Lesson 7


60 minutes

Lesson 8

Termination and Breach I

60 minutes

Lesson 9

Termination and Breach II

60 minutes

Key Skills

Legal Reasoning


Attention to Detail

Written Communication


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Daryl works in the legal industry and is passionate about helping students advance their own legal careers. He utilises industry experience to provide his students with greater context on the material he teaches.